Jobs to do in January

Close up of lawn edge being cut with half moon and string guide.

You may not feel like braving the outdoors just yet, but you will certainly feel better for it if you do!

Just think of the hot chocolate and biscuits you’ll earn if you do go out there in the cold.

January is often cold, dark and damp. When you are out in the garden try not to trample too much on the lawn if its water logged as it will end up being even more of a mud bath and will compact the soil.

To do:

If you haven’t already applied a layer of mulch to your borders, there’s still time to do it. It will instantly make your garden look smarter. Just be careful not to damage any emerging bulbs.

Re-cut lawn edges to give your garden a crisp look for spring. Use a half-moon shaped edging blade, or straight edged spade to cut a clean edge. For a straight edge, use string or a strip of wood as a guide. Clear away cut offs and compost.

Prune wall climbers away from window frames and gutters.

Now is a good time to move deciduous trees or shrubs if they’re in the wrong place provided the ground is not frozen or waterlogged.

Renovate overgrown deciduous shrubs, climbers and hedges such as Beech, Hazel (not Witch Hazel), Roses and Virginia Creeper. Its easier to see what you’re doing when there are no leaves. However, don’t be tempted to tackle evergreens or tender plants before spring. Also, don’t prune any Prunus species just yet(ornamental cherries, plums and almonds).

For more information of renovating overgrown plants, please see Advice Sheet.

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